Online Energizers

Make your online meetings more efficient, more fun, more educational, more sporty, more everything! …

An online meeting inefficient, stiff, official and dulll? That isn’t necessary at all!

Professional entertainers make your meetings fun and memorable.
Professional speakers provide subject matter, depth, or growth for participants and teams.
Professional facilitators take care of the technical process and the right work formats for a visual overview of your meeting.
You can book workshops or you can immediately get started with online games or sport exercises.
An Online Energizer improves your online meeting, satisfaction guaranteed!

You will find on this site what you are looking for for your online meeting and otherwise we will arrange it for you.
An example is the overview of online tools.
Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll get you started in no time.

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  • 1 + 1 + 1 +

    ⌚ 5
    Count up to 20 in the group taking random turns

  • Alex Buijk

    Magician, also for children.

    Experience since 2010 & International & Business, Driven, Experienced, Custom, Also children’s shows.

  • Coaching your event Cyriel Kortleven 15 minutes

    15 minutes coaching to make your event even more special!

    [cf7form cf7key

  • Cooperation in projects – Suzanne

    Any project can run into a particularly nagging problem. People drop out, waste their time, or worse, don’t know what to do with their time – and even

  • XR VR AR specialist online energizer

    Creating a brand in XR – Nick

    Discover and step into a new and extended reality of XR for your business.

  • Drawing Workshop – Janneke

    Energizer Janneke will give your team a great drawing lesson in this entertaining and creative workshop. Visuals stand out more. It figures!

  • Gerard du Buf Magic Speaker

    Experience since 1993 & International & Business, Driven, Customization, Magic lectures, NLP, Personal leaders

  • SpongeBob

    GIF challenge

    ⌚ 5 + (2 pp)
    Share with the group GIFs about statements

  • Guinelli

    The art of amazement

    With his experience and expertise as a Digital Magician, he transforms the Corona Social Distance into an Online Magi

  • Hello energizer


    ⌚ 1pp
    Do not smile or laugh at a special Hello

  • I like to move it

    ⌚ 5
    Move a little on active music to shake your body loose.

  • I wish …

    ⌚ 5 + (3 pp)
    Share with the group a (picture of) a wish you have

  • Increase Mutual Goodwill – Ardie

    Team coaching to increase the mutual goodwill factor.
    Suitable for a group of up to 15 people.
    Experienced and certified coach and trainer, includin

  • Laugh energizers – Bente

    Laugh and howl. That’s relaxing! Thanks to Bente the corners of your mouth will creep up automatically until you can’t hold it in anymore. The whole t

  • Live drawing – Janneke

    A clear, compact and appealing digital visual report of your online meeting.

  • Magic Mike

    Magic Mike

    Magic With A Smile. Experience since 1995 & International & Business, Stylish with humor, Experienced, Customize your very wo

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