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Online Energizers

Make your online meetings more efficient, more fun, more educational, more sporty, more everything! …

An online meeting inefficient, stiff, official and dulll? That isn’t necessary at all!
An Online Energizer improves your online meeting, guaranteed!

Entertainersonline entertainer

Professional entertainers will make your meetings funny, relaxing or  even unforgettable.

Speakersonline entertainer

Professional speakers will provide you with usefull information for your business, challenges or growth of the team and the individuals.


Professional faciliators / hosts  for your preparations, presentations or a visual report of your meeting.

Workshopsonline workshop

With an online workshop all guests will work together and learn or do something.

Gamesonline spelen

Choose from our selection of free online games.

Sportonline entertainer

Enjoy these  sports  exercises to shake yourself loose and get going again.

You will find on this site what you are looking for for your online meeting and otherwise we will arrange it for you.
An example is the overview of online tools.
Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll get you started in no time.

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  • Online Energizer Kim Holland

    A Powerful Brand – Kim Holland

    Meet the grand lady of exciting business

    Kim surprises you by opening up about her way of doing business.

    Price on request

  • Alex Buijk

    Magician, also for children.

    Experience since 2010 & International & Business, Driven, Experienced, Custom, Also children’s shows.

  • Better team collaboration through activation – Suzanne Keurntjes

    Activate creativity in a team

    Create a project of lasting value together.

  • Online Energizer Binnenpret!

    Binnenpret! (Fun Inside!) – Online Comedy Show

    The best humor comes right through your screen.

    Binnenpret! is the funniest online comedy show of the nation.

    Price on request

  • Online Energizers Leg Je Oor Te Luister

    Can you hear the hissing of summer lawns?

    Exercise in attention
    🕒 3 min, 3+ players, 1 game leader keeps time.

    Can you hear the tiniest sound in your room?


  • Online Energizer Lotte Leufkens

    Chairperson & Event Host – Lotte Leufkens

    Social impact entrepreneur who has improved many lives.

    Online Energizer Lotte inspires you to make a difference.

  • Online Energizers Applausje voor elkaar Clap your hands say yeah

    Clap your hands say yeah

    Put your hands together
    🕒 5 min, 6+ players.

    Try to generate a well-deserved applause with your team.


  • Online Energizers Strijkduo Melange

    Classical Duo Mélange

    From Bach to the Beatles – stylish duo can do it all

    Listen to a delightfully light serenade played on violin and viola.

  • Online Energizer Patrick & Milan van der Meulen

    Climate Brothers – Patrick & Milan van der Meulen

    A sustainable business approach offers opportunities

    Trained by Al Gore, brothers Patrick and Milan know the way to a better world.

  • Coaching your event – Cyriel Kortleven (15 minutes)

    Brainstorm with a famous speaker

    15 minutes coaching to make your event even more special.

  • Count on me

    Count only when it is your turn
    🕒 5 min/round, 6+ players

    Count to 20, but only when it is your turn.


  • Online Energizers Nikki Pommer

    Create a people-centered workplace – Nikki

    The future is all about compassion

    Nikki stands for a thorough development of soft skills.

  • Online Energizer Chantal van Heeswijk

    Creative Thinking – Chantal van Heeswijk

    Artist Chantal lets your creations run free.

    Everything is possible, if you see the opportunity!

    Price on request

  • Online Energizer Tassenbingo

    Curious Case of Bingo

    What’s in the bag?
    🕒 10 min, 5+ players, 1 game preparer

    You can all pack your bags, right now!


  • XR VR AR specialist online energizer

    Demo Virtual Reality Platforms – Nick

    Hands-on with XR and VR

    Discover and step into an expanded reality of XR for your business.

  • Online Energizers Joyce de Ruiter

    Develop an agile mindset – Joyce de Ruiter

    Learn to develop your agility

    Joyce takes you through her inspiring lifestory filled with amazing resilience.

  • Drawing Workshop – Janneke

    Energizer Janneke will give your team a great drawing lesson in this entertaining and creative workshop. Visuals stand out more. It figures!

  • Online Energizers Abstraheren kun je leren

    Even abstract shapes must have a likeness

    The art of brainstorming
    🕒 15 min/round, 3+ players

    From quite abstract to very concrete. Learning to associate.


  • Online Energizers Fritz met een Z

    Fritz with a Z

    Comedy magician with online superpowers

    You’ll get a magician with a 100+ virtual shows under his belt!

  • Gerard du Buf Magic Speaker

    Experience since 1993 & International & Business, Driven, Customization, Magic lectures, NLP, Personal leaders

  • SpongeBob

    GIF challenge

    Associate using GIF images
    🕒 5 min/round, 4+ players

    Share GIFs based on certain words or phrases.


  • Online Energizers Pauline Buth

    Graphic Recorder – Pauline

    Creativity brings new knowledge

    Come up with new ideas thanks to cartoons and animations.

  • Online Energizers Wie Is Het

    Guess Who!?

    How do your colleagues write about their job?
    🕒 10 min, 5+ players, 1 quizmaster.

    It takes one (word) to know one.


  • Guinelli

    The art of amazement

    30+ years experience. Expert in b2b performances. Known from TV. Online expert.

  • Online Energizer Hans Kazan

    Hans Kazàn

    Mindblowing performance by the most famous Dutch magician

    Hans Kazàn presents an interactive online magic show!

  • Online Energizers Hilin Duyu


    Intimate songs and soul from the heart

    With her piano and voice, Hilin takes you on a wide-open journey.

  • Online Energizers Arnold Heumakers

    Historian – Arnold Heumakers

    Volatile historian provokes and raises questions

    Critical thinker gives a sublime lecture or guides your philosophical session.

  • Online Energizers Presentatrice Tamara Markus

    Host & Chairperson – Tamara

    Presenter hits the right note

    Experienced host gives your event a warm and familiar sound.

    Price on request

  • Online Energizers Sander Kleikers

    Host & Interviewer- Sander Kleikers

    Energetic presenter and interviewer

    Media personality for your event.

    Price on request

  • Online Energizer Humor Brengt Mensen Samen

    Humor brings people together – Teambuilding Comedy Workshop

    Learn to speak with humor and take in any audience.

    Bring a smile to your organization. Create the best mood!

    Price on request

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