Workshops on all kinds of topics and in many different areas to participate in and experience something entirely new.

Working together with colleagues on something completely else than the regular dayjob gives your team completely new insights. Besides learning a new skill, it’s a very useful and fun way of teambuilding.
Surprise yourself and each other! Be creative!

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Musicmuziek workshop

Enjoy the music and get into the groove.


Learn a magic secret and afterward perofm your trick for others.


Storytelling, use your creativity and create compelling or funny stories together.


Come to peace of mind with our yoga workshop.

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The other workshops that are available as an energizer.

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  • Alex Buijk

    Magician, also for children.

    Experience since 2010 & International & Business, Driven, Experienced, Custom, Also children’s shows.

  • Online Energizer Chantal van Heeswijk

    Creative Thinking – Chantal van Heeswijk

    Artist Chantal lets your creations run free.

    Everything is possible, if you see the opportunity!

    Price on request

  • Drawing Workshop – Janneke

    Energizer Janneke will give your team a great drawing lesson in this entertaining and creative workshop. Visuals stand out more. It figures!

  • Guinelli

    The art of amazement

    30+ years experience. Expert in b2b performances. Known from TV. Online expert.

  • Online Energizer Humor Brengt Mensen Samen

    Humor brings people together – Teambuilding Comedy Workshop

    Learn to speak with humor and take in any audience.

    Bring a smile to your organization. Create the best mood!

    Price on request

  • Laugh energizers – Bente

    To laugh is to relax

    The whole team goes wild thanks to Bente’s workshop.

  • Online Energizer Sebastiaan Nieuwland

    Learn to respond well – Sebastiaan Nieuwland

    Learn to use the Respond technique

    Don’t believe everything you’re thinking!

  • Magic Mike

    Magic Mike

    Magic With A Smile
    Experience since 1995 – International & Business. Stylish with humor. TV famous.

  • Marc Woods

    Marc Woods


    12+ years of international business magic experience. Won many prizes.

  • Online Energizers Sebastiaan Nieuwland Office Teams Workshop

    Microsoft Office 365® / Teams – Workshop for beginners or advanced users

    Online coach helps discover the power of working in the cloud

    Better team collaboration with a workshop on software packages.

  • musical energizer

    Ruben Smits (International Edition)

    Musical games and rhythmic exercises

    This Energizer gets you out of your head and brings you ‘into the groove’.

  • online facilitator serious play

    Serious Play – Nancy

    Serious Play expert

    Get better results and seriously busy with playful Nancy! Every success starts with a smile.

  • Storytelling – Janneke Tanja

    Discover the magic of storytelling.

    Janneke will tell you a story about your company, business meeting or any other corporate theme.