Sport Energizers Online

Keep your body in shape with these short sports excercises.

Sport excercises

A mix of sports energizers that can be done from an office chair. For all you office workers, we have selected five sports videos in different levels of difficulty. Everybody will find something to do! Whether you have just two minutes to stretch out at the office, or if you have time for a full workout, these videos will help you stay fit. Sports gear unnecessary - satisfaction guaranteed.

2 minutes - legs

5 minutes - easy

Sorry, at this moment this particular video is only available in Dutch, we are working on English versions :-)

8 minutes - abs


We also have loads of live energizers available - for an interactive experience

Get an enchanting energizer by a magician or have melodic fun with a musician, to name just a few!

What about a public speaker for an interesting or motivating energizer?

Contact us for all the possibilities!

Sport excercises

15 minutes - heavy

20 minutes - easy


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