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Welcome @ Online Energizers

I am proud of what I can present to you on this page.
First of all the practical information, how does this website work.
Then details about Online Energizers as a company.
We are happy to serve you!
On behalf of our team,

Gerard du Buf

How to use Online Energizers

  1. Select your category or duration
  2. Select the energizer of your choise
  3. If it is for free: Enjoy it!
    If not then tell us what you want and when you want it
    You will receive a quotation and additional information
  4. Approve the quotation
    You will receive a confirmation with a summary and all required details
  5. Enjoy the performance

Why does Online Energizers exist?

  • We want to improve online meetings by making them more attractive
    Not boring and annoying, but exciting, fun and therefore more efficiënt
  • We want to contribute to a healthier earth
    Online meetings reduce travel
  • We get energy when we can reach people with our talents
    Giving an energizer = Getting an energizer
  • We want to give you options
    Different categories and durations are available
  • We love to surprise your
    Will you discover what Online Energizers can bring you?

What is our goal?

We want Online Energizers to be THE STANDARD for improving Online Meetings.
In our opinion, this improvement can happen in various ways:

  • with facilitators: we take care of the process, you focus on the content
    We know the tools and have the experience, this is our specialty.
  • with surprise : stretch reality and overthrow limitations
    Magicians and illusionists are of course ideally suited for this.
  • with content about ourselves , about who we are and what we do as humans
    NLP staff and some speakers are an excellent interpretation for content about ourselves On the technical content level, the content will have to be provided by specialists.
  • with a physically stimulating intermezzo
    The field of sports trainers and yoga instructors
  • with support for the software and hardware
    Take a look at support for more information

What is our target audience?

We focus on online meetings, without language restrictions and without border restrictions.
Our marketing will focus on the business market, the business-to-business meetings. Requests from outside the business market are of course also very welcome and we will be happy to perform there also.

What is our ambition?

We want to bring Online Energizers to many countries.
To achieve this, we claimed the OnlineEnergizers domain names from the major languages and major countries.
We intend to serve the world!

How do we do it?

We are going to add audiences and artists step by step and start with the Netherlands.
We are looking for the top people that we think can really contribute to an online meeting.

We offer performances from (up to) 15 minutes, (up to) 30 minutes, (up to) 45 minutes and (up to) 1 hour.
There are artists for every budget.