Energizers Audio games

These games will keep you (and your ears) sharp. Ideal for teambuilding.

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  • Online Energizers Leg Je Oor Te Luister

    Can you hear the hissing of summer lawns?

    Exercise in attention
    🕒 3 min, 3+ players, 1 game leader keeps time.

    Can you hear the tiniest sound in your room?


  • Online Energizers Applausje voor elkaar Clap your hands say yeah

    Clap your hands say yeah

    Put your hands together
    🕒 5 min, 6+ players.

    Try to generate a well-deserved applause with your team.


  • Count on me

    Count only when it is your turn
    🕒 5 min/round, 6+ players

    Count to 20, but only when it is your turn.


  • We like to move it

    Make up exercise tasks for everyone
    🕒 5 min/round, 3+ players, 1 trainer

    Get some action going with loud music to loosen up.

  • Michael Jackson Billie Jean

    Who’s that girl?

    Guess selected songs
    🕒 10 min, 3+ players, 1 quizmaster

    The quizmaster plays the songs, everyone guesses.