Energizers Active games

These games put you in motion. Ideal for teambuilding.

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  • Hello energizer

    Say hiiiiiiii!

    Do not laugh at a strange hiiii
    🕒 5- min/round, 4+

    The goal of Say hiiiiiiii! is to make the other group laugh.


  • Touch Blue

    Touch Blue

    Touch what the game master calls out
    🕒 0.5 min/round.

    Someone calls out an object/substance/material and all participants must touch i

  • We like to move it

    Make up exercise tasks for everyone
    🕒 5 min/round, 3+ players, 1 trainer

    Get some action going with loud music to loosen up.

  • What am I doing!?

    Guess what the mime is doing
    🕒 2 min/pp

    One participant portrays something, the others have a guess.