Energizers Narrative games

These games let you fantasize. Ideal for teambuilding.

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  • Online Energizers Wie Is Het

    Guess Who!?

    How do your colleagues write about their job?
    🕒 10 min, 5+ players, 1 quizmaster.

    It takes one (word) to know one.


  • Online Energizers Ik wou dat ik een vogel was

    I’m like a bird

    A bird’s eye view of the problem
    🕒 15 min/round, 4+ players

    In a new guise, you’ll see new solutions!


  • story energizers

    Once upon a time …

    Create a story together
    🕒 10 min/round, 2+ players

    Build a story together, linked to your topic, idea, dream, …


  • Online Energizers Game Socratische Vragen

    Socratic questioning

    The more questions the merrier
    🕒 10 min/round, in pairs

    Start a socratic conversation with each other.


  • Online Energizers Game Spel Woord Roulette

    Word Roulette

    Fun with words in the workplace
    🕒 10 min/round, 5+ players

    Each word can point the way to a new solution.