Music connects, music relaxes the soul and clears the mind to get productive again. We offer all kinds of music sessions as an energizer.
A theme-song from a movie, a well known pop song, sing-alongs in any language you prefer, or even a special appearance by a a real star, musically almost anything is possible.

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  • Online Energizers Strijkduo Melange

    Classical Duo Mélange

    From Bach to the Beatles – stylish duo can do it all

    Listen to a delightfully light serenade played on violin and viola.

  • Online Energizers Hilin Duyu


    Intimate songs and soul from the heart

    With her piano and voice, Hilin takes you on a wide-open journey.

  • Online Energizers Jeroen Timmermans

    Jeroen Timmermans (International Edition)

    Sweet strings and a heart of gold

    Singer/songwriter Jeroen plays music to relax to.

  • Online Energizer Mante & Gotz

    Mante & Götz (International Edition)

    Musicians Mante & Götz evoke wonder and amazement

    Their goal? To puzzle and surprise us. Come along on a journey.

  • musical energizer

    Ruben Smits (International Edition)

    Musical games and rhythmic exercises

    This Energizer gets you out of your head and brings you ‘into the groove’.