Entertaining Energizers

Entertainment by professionals.
Let us surprise you with a short song or a complete online magic show.
Everything is possible with our entertaining energizers.


Professional magicians for an amazing energizer.
From a short and powerful energy boost to a full online show, full of surprises, be amazed and enchanted by our experts.

Beside their main show, all of these magicians offer the possibility to get a workshop from them. Become magical yourself!

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Music connects, music relaxes the soul and clears the mind to get productive again. We offer all kinds of music sessions as an energizer. A theme-song from a movie, a well known pop song, sing-alongs in any language you prefer, or even a special appearance by a a real star, musically almost anything is possible.

Often in these entertaining sessions you get the chance to get musical yourself (singing, dancing, clapping). That's why you can also find our musicians in the workshop section.

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These are all amazing energizers handpicked by our staff!

Entertainers will refresh and revitalize your online meeting. Give yourself a little energy break to become re-activated.

To get all the possibilities and customizations available check in with Gerard @ NL 06-42144922


Excitement and loads of thrills! Test your knowledge, score points, and beat your collegaues (in a friendly way). Who will win?
A online quiz is a totally different way to get your brain working online.

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Drawing artists

The outcome of your meeting captured in a drawing?
Let our drawing artists provide your team with a talking picture or an artistic version of your meeting. A simple but very effective way to get new insights in what has been said and done, Often these schematic visuals will provide you with new ideas, for another meeting!

Each artist has its own unique style. Choose the artist which suits you and your company best.
Want to get creative yourself? Check out our drawing workshops.

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Special entertainment for festive moments!
For example, a Santa Claus for your online Christmas gathering!

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