Workshops as an Energizer

Workshops in lots of different fields. Come join us and experience a whole new world!
Surprise yourself and work in a team of colleagues on something totally different; besides learning something entirely new it immedialy becomes a teambuid session as well.


Let a professional magician teach you the wonders of magic.
You can learn one or more magical tricks, you'll be surprised and enchanted yourself.
A magic workshop is almost always booked as an addition to an online magic show. Get behind the curtain of the wizard!

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Music connects, relaxes and transcends borders. All kinds of music can function as an energizer. Not only by listening, but also by jamming yourself. Get musical with us!
With our music teachers you will start making music as a team. Performing together on a musical piece will do wonders for your team performance when it really matters. You'll be amazed by the hidden talents of your co-workers, and you might discover a whole new side of yourself too!

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More information?

Learn something new - experience something else!

Our workshops are not only educational, but also perfect as a teambuilding activity.

Discover a new side of yourself, surprise yourself with hidden talents.
Attending a workshop together with colleagues and you'll have something to talk about for a long time to come.

Check all possibilities and options with Gerard @ NL 06-42144922


Learn about the ingredients that make up a good story and discover how you can tell a great story yourself.
In addition to narrative theory, you will get practical experience by sharing your own story. Tell your colleagues something that'll amaze them!

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Other workshops.
Ideas for online workshops suited for company experiences are welcome. Got something to teach us?

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