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Game Energizers Online Fun

Pause with a nice game. Refreshing!
Known and unknown games to play with a group or by yourself.

⌚ = duration [minutes]


Visual Energizers and Games

Working together with pictures, videos and images

Guess what is drawn 🕒 2 min/round, 2+ persons Guess quickly what your colleagea has drawn to score the most
Share a (picture of) a wish 🕒 5 min/round, 3+ players Everyone reveals a wish. Find out your colleagues' dreams!
Associate using GIF images 🕒 5 min/round, 4+ players Share GIFs based on certain words or phrases. Free


Auditory Energizers and Games

Listen carefully to the sounds, what do you hear?

Count only when it is your turn 🕒 5 min/round, 6+ players Count to 20, but only when it is
Michael Jackson Billie Jean
Guess selected songs 🕒 10 min, 3+ players, 1 quizmaster The quizmaster plays the songs, everyone guesses. Free
Hello energizer
Please don't laugh at a strange hiiii 🕒 5 min/round, 4+ The goal of Say hiiiiiiii! is to make the
Online Energizers Applausje voor elkaar Clap your hands say yeah
Put your hands together 🕒 5 min, 6+ players. Try to generate a well-deserved applause with your team. Free


We also have loads of live energizers available - for an interactive experience

Get an enchanting energizer by a magician or have melodic fun with a musician, to name just a few!

What about a public speaker for an interesting or motivating energizer?

Check all the possibilities with Gerard @ NL 06-42144922


Active Energizers and Games

Do it! Get moving and be active on your own level

Make up exercise tasks for everyone 🕒 5 min/round, 3+ players, 1 trainer Loosen up with LOUD music. Free
Touch Blue
Touch what the game master calls out 🕒 0.5 min/round. Someone calls out an object and the race begins. Free
Guess what the mime is doing 🕒 2 min/pp One participant portrays something, the others have a guess. Free


Narrative Energizers and Games

Share existing or create new stories together

story energizers
Create a story together 🕒 10 min/round, 2+ players Build a story together, linked to your topic, idea, dream, ...
Online Energizers Wie Is Het
How do your colleagues write about their job? 🕒 10 min, 5+ players, 1 quizmaster. It takes one (word) to


Other Energizers and Games

A collection of energizers that do not fall into the above categories

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