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Game Energizers

Pause with a nice game. Refreshing!
Known and unknown games to play with a group or by yourself.

⌚ = duration [minutes]


Visual Energizers and Games

Working together with pictures, videos and images

Guess what is drawn πŸ•’ 2 min/round, 2+ persons Guess quickly what your colleagea has drawn to score the most
Share a (picture of) a wish πŸ•’ 5 min/round, 3+ players Everyone reveals a wish. Find out what your colleagues
Associate using GIF images πŸ•’ 5 min/round, 4+ players Share GIFs based on certain words or phrases. Free


Auditory Energizers and Games

Listen carefully to the sounds, what do you hear?

Michael Jackson Billie Jean
Guess selected songs πŸ•’ 10 min, 3+ players, 1 quizmaster The quizmaster plays the songs, everyone guesses. Free


We also have loads of live energizers available - for an interactive experience

Get an enchanting energizer by a magician or have melodic fun with a musician, to name just a few!

What about a public speaker for an interesting or motivating energizer?

Check all the possibilities with Gerard @ NL 06-42144922


Active Energizers and Games

Do it! Get moving and be active on your own level

Make up exercise tasks for everyone πŸ•’ 5 min/round, 3+ players, 1 trainer Get some action going with loud music
Touch Blue
Touch what the game master calls out πŸ•’ 0.5 min/round. Someone calls out an object/substance/material and all participants must touch
Guess what the mime is doing πŸ•’ 2 min/pp One participant portrays something, the others have a guess. Free
Hello energizer
Do not laugh at a strange hiiii πŸ•’ 5- min/round, 4+ The goal of Say hiiiiiiii! is to make the


Narrative Energizers and Games

Share existing or create new stories together

story energizers
Create a story together πŸ•’ 10 min/round, 2+ players Build a story together, linked to your topic, idea, dream, ...


Other Energizers and Games

A collection of energizers that do not fall into the above categories

Count only when it is your turn πŸ•’ 5 min/round, 6+ players Count to 20, but only when it is



45 min