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Game Energizers Online Fun

Pause with a nice game. Refreshing!
Known and unknown games to play with a group or by yourself.

⌚ = duration [minutes]


Visual Energizers and Games

Working together with pictures, videos and images

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Auditory Energizers and Games

Listen carefully to the sounds, what do you hear?

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We also have loads of live energizers available - for an interactive experience

Get an enchanting energizer by a magician or have melodic fun with a musician, to name just a few!

What about a public speaker for an interesting or motivating energizer?

Check all the possibilities with Gerard @ NL 06-55182487


Active Energizers and Games

Do it! Get moving and be active on your own level

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Narrative Energizers and Games

Share existing or create new stories together

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Other Energizers and Games

A collection of energizers that do not fall into the above categories

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