Webcam support

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Exposed from two sides:

Your monitor

  • Prevent incident light
    Make sure your monitor is shaded to avoid annoying reflections
  • Prevent reflections
    Screens with a glossy surface mirror bright surfaces Can you see larger lighter areas than can it be your white shirt or background?
  • Rather a lamp or light from the front, than behind you

You yourself

  • Preference for natural light
    Artificial light often causes an orange discoloration of you and your surroundings If natural light is not available, you can place a daylight lamp on both sides of your monitor
  • Please note that photochromic lenses darken in daylight

Camera Setup

Build-in webcams are often not located on the ideal position.
Ensure your camera shows you with a good angle.
Reposition your camers with a telephone stand when needed.


Listen from two sides:

The microphone

  • Prevent feedback
    When your microphone is positioned in front of your speakers there is a possiblilty for a feedback loop
  • Prevent echo

Your surroundings

  • Prevent background noise
    Switch of the radio and tv and prevent disturbing sounds
  • Test the volume of your microphone


What do those fancy names mean?
An explanation of the terms and descriptions in webcam-world.
  • AUTO-FOCUS = The camera automatically focusses on your face
  • AUTO-FRAME = The camera zooms in on your face and track it, even when you move
  • FRAME SNELHEID = The number of frames per second. 25 is fine
  • GEZICHTSHERKENNING = The camera recognizes your face and adjusts the focus to your face
  • MODI = The way the video-images are build up is a combination of the resolution and a letter
    i = intermitting = Intermitting the odd and then the even lines are created. This can lead to horizontal stripes, specifically during fast movements
    p = progressive = Het image lines are created from top to bottom
  • MUTE = Switch your microphone off
  • RESOLUTIE = The number of pixels of an image. 1080p is the current standard with the name "HD"
  • USB-C = A modern connector. Older computers might need an adapter for an USB-C connector
  • VIRTUAL BACKGROUND = The software will replace your excisting background with an image or video