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    ⌚ 5
    Count up to 20 in the group taking random turns

  • Alex Buijk

    Magician, also for children.

    Experience since 2010 & International & Business, Driven, Experienced, Custom, Also children’s shows.

  • Coaching your event Cyriel Kortleven 15 minutes

    15 minutes coaching to make your event even more special!

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  • Cooperation in projects – Suzanne

    Any project can run into a particularly nagging problem. People drop out, waste their time, or worse, don’t know what to do with their time – and even

  • XR VR AR specialist online energizer

    Creating a brand in XR – Nick

    Discover and step into a new and extended reality of XR for your business.

  • Drawing Workshop – Janneke

    Energizer Janneke will give your team a great drawing lesson in this entertaining and creative workshop. Visuals stand out more. It figures!

  • Gerard du Buf Magic Speaker

    Experience since 1993 & International & Business, Driven, Customization, Magic lectures, NLP, Personal leaders

  • SpongeBob

    GIF challenge

    ⌚ 5 + (2 pp)
    Share with the group GIFs about statements

  • Guinelli

    The art of amazement

    With his experience and expertise as a Digital Magician, he transforms the Corona Social Distance into an Online Magi

  • Hello energizer


    ⌚ 1pp
    Do not smile or laugh at a special Hello

  • I like to move it

    ⌚ 5
    Move a little on active music to shake your body loose.

  • I wish …

    ⌚ 5 + (3 pp)
    Share with the group a (picture of) a wish you have

  • Increase Mutual Goodwill – Ardie

    Team coaching to increase the mutual goodwill factor.
    Suitable for a group of up to 15 people.
    Experienced and certified coach and trainer, includin

  • Laugh energizers – Bente

    Laugh and howl. That’s relaxing! Thanks to Bente the corners of your mouth will creep up automatically until you can’t hold it in anymore. The whole t

  • Live drawing – Janneke

    A clear, compact and appealing digital visual report of your online meeting.

  • Magic Mike

    Magic Mike

    Magic With A Smile. Experience since 1995 & International & Business, Stylish with humor, Experienced, Customize your very wo

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