Energizers Visual games

These games will keep you (and your eyes) sharp. Ideal for teambuilding.

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  • Online Energizers Abstraheren kun je leren

    Even abstract shapes must have a likeness

    The art of brainstorming
    🕒 15 min/round, 3+ players

    From quite abstract to very concrete. Learning to associate.


  • SpongeBob

    GIF challenge

    Associate using GIF images
    🕒 5 min/round, 4+ players

    Share GIFs based on certain words or phrases.


  • I wish …

    Share a (picture of) a wish
    🕒 5 min/round, 3+ players

    Everyone reveals a wish. Find out what your colleagues dream of!


  • Skribbl.io = Guess drawings

    Guess what is drawn
    🕒 2 min/round, 2+ persons

    Guess quickly what your colleagea has drawn to score the most points.


  • Online Energizers Speel voor verkeerslicht

    Twinkle twinkle traffic light

    Give visual hints to colleagues
    🕒 1 min/round, 6+ players

    Make your online polls light-hearted.