30 minutes Energizers

Various types of energizers such as magicians and speakers.
All professionals who bring a powerful energizer of half an hour!


Magical Energizers

Surprising online energizers by professional magicians. Let them surprise you all.

Experience 12+ years international business, Won many prizes, Of course customization
€ 175
Magic Mike
Experience since 1995 & International & Business, Stylish with humor, Experienced, Customization, Humor, Also school & children's shows, Known from
€ 175
Experience since 2010 & International & Business, Driven, Experienced, Custom, Also children's shows
€ 120
Experience since 1990 & International & Business, Driven, Experienced, Customization, Online Magic Specialist, Product presentations
€ 475


Energizers by Public Speakers

Different types of energizers by funny, educational, special public speakers.

Experience since 1993 & International & Business, Driven, Customization, Magic lectures, NLP, Personal leadership, Train the Trainer
€ 360
30 minutes online laughing workshop
€ 450


Party Energizers

Special guests for the desired atmosphere at special moments.

A Magical Santa brings the real Christmas atmosphere and magic to your online Christmas gathering
€ 395


These are fantastic energizers!

Magicians bring wonder and show that nothing is impossible
Speakers bring new information and energy for a fresh new perspective
Party energizers bring the atmosphere you want

They all bring INSPIRATION and ENERGY

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